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Cruel Dominas Fuck Their Slaves

Men Fucked in the Ass

Worthless Slaves Banged Hard

Getting fucked in the ass by their Mistress is certainly one of the most humiliating punishments for these worthless slackers. But if they want to prove their obedience and submission, there’s no way around. The slaves struggle with that uncomfortable pain in their ass, but they know they better keep their mouth shut, keep still, accept the treatment and serve their queen obediently. They know that eventually, sometimes after minutes, sometimes after hours, she will lose interest in him and pull the strapon dildo out of his sore asshole... and who knows, maybe the slave will get permission to kiss her feet, or even touch her legs as a reward!

Fucked From Every AngleMistress Tatjana shows off her sexy and elegant black and white outfit and her thick strapon too. She walks up to her slave and shows her cock into his face, expecting him to suck on it and swallow it whole. Then she walks to his behind and she pushes her cock into his ass and pounds him hard in a few different positions. Full PostBuy Video( 35 ) Mistress TatjanaMistress Tatjana
Only Lucy Enjoys ItOnly Lucy enjoys it, the slave suffers pretty badly, while being fucked in the ass with a huge strapon. But Lucy, she loves to see and feel him being in pain from her constant and powerful thrusts, as the huge silicone cock moves in his body, humiliating him completely. Full PostBuy Video( 12 ) Lucy EPLucy EP
Painfully FuckedThe worthless slave always manages to make the Mistress mad, but this time she had enough. The slave gets the worst punishment, a rough treatment by her biggest strapon. She takes the worthless slave's ass roughly, and keeps changing the angle and pose to make him suffer as much as possible. Full PostBuy Video( 41 ) ArielAriel
Forcefully Fucked In The AssMistress Lucy is a bit tense today, so she turns to her slave for some relief. The slave quickly finds himself in a pretty uncomfortable situation when Mistress Lucy's strapon sinks deep into his ass. The slave struggles with that uncomfortable straining feeling, but Mistress Lucy moves her body so the pain drastically increases. Full PostBuy Video( 12 ) Lucy EPLucy EP
Assfuck With a Blue StraponMistress Artemis walks up to the naked, masked slave and shows him her embarrassingly huge blue strapon. Her smirk tells him all, he knows that this is the cock that is going to go all the way into his anus. So Mistress Artemis grabs him from behind and forces the cock into him and while the slave screams, she fuck him harder and harder. Full PostBuy Video( 8 ) Mistress ArtemisMistress Artemis
Mouth And Ass DestroyedThe masked slave got a nice red lace bodysuit, what leaves his ass exposed for Mistress Tatjana and Mistress Nomi. The girls want to destroy both his ass and mouth with the help of their brutal strapons. They move the slave into different positions, so they can fuck his ass and deepthroat his mouth too. Full PostBuy Video( 17 ) Mistress Nomi( 35 ) Mistress TatjanaMistress NomiMistress Tatjana
Strapon And FloggingThe slave is getting a hard fuck from his mistress, Amanda. He tries to escape and he creams constantly so Amanda gets angry and she goes out for a horsewhip and when she feels she hits his ass and his soles with it, while still fucking him in the ass. He doesn't seem to learn from it, he is moving around and moan and cry. But Amanda is strict and she delivers huge hits to him while fucking him. Full PostBuy Video( 34 ) Lady AmandaLady Amanda
Nomi Loves to Give AnalMistress Nomi walks up to the naked slave and she shows him the thing, that is going to penetrate his body and torment him in the next few minutes. Behind Nomi's smile, there is no lightheartedness, she already enjoys their time together. Then she goes behind him and pushes her cock all the way up his ass and the hard fuck begins. Full PostBuy Video( 17 ) Mistress NomiMistress Nomi
Forcing His Anus OpenThe Mistress dreamed about this punishment and now she can finally jump into action and put on her huge strapon. Then place the big cock next to his anus and force it open with a single thrust. Then she forcefully pushes it inside and slides it back out without mercy. Her slave moans and screams from the pain, but the Mistress doesn't care. Full PostBuy Video( 41 ) ArielAriel

I got fucked in the ass...

AhmedMy wife fucks me in my asshole every Friday night when she comes back from party.PetraMy ugly husband works in a car wash. Every evening I count his tip. If it's less than 2000 Ruble I put him over the kitchen table, I pull his disgusting panties down and fuck his ass until he's crying and he promises to work harder the next day.HatsuneThese videos are really nice.Add your Experience

Time for a Severe Caning Now

The slave didn’t behave well when the Mistress fucked him in his ass. He was constantly moaning and wailing like a little whiner. How pathetic! Completely unacceptable! The Mistress is so angry now! She fetches her canes, the thickest and longest ones she has, for a merciless caning on this slacker’s bare ass, before she continues to fuck his sore ass again!

Tatjana And Nomi's Caning SessionThe slave cries out and he lifts his upper body off the caning bench as the cane reaches his ass. Mistress Tatjana instantly makes him regret his move, while Mistress Nomi is waiting for her turn.
Brutal Marks From AnetteThe slave is standing naked, tied to the whipping stand and his bare back looks like Lady Anette had already tormented it savagely. Now his ass comes next and Anette uses her cane to make it purple and red. She waits a few minutes for him to recover, then she repeats it several times.
Ariel Destroys His Ass With A CaneMistress Ariel is armed with a cane and wearing a black outfit that doesn't leave too much for the imagination. She uses her brutal cane to destroy the slave's ass with her pouring strokes and making him think about the things he did wrong over and over.
Young Slave's Brutal CaningMistress Anette is caning her young slave forcefully in her very sexy corset that reveals her firm, small boobs. She slowly circles him and tries out different angles and positions to strike down with her cane.
Three Blonde GirlsMistress Tatjana brought two friends, Mistress Natasha and an other blond mistress to punish the slave brutally. All three of them are using the same cane and the slave has to memorize their names, if not, he is going to get some really hard strokes.
CoachingMistress Leanna is punishing her sensitive slave. He is laying on his belly on the spanking bench with naked ass, waiting for Leanna to perform a good caning on him. Leanna walks in clad in black skirt and corset, with thin white stripes on them and black high heels.
Loud ScreamsMistress Amanda wants nothing more than punishing her slave, but she is fed up with his constant screaming and his begging, so the first thing after she arrives is to pull down her panties and stuff it in to the slave's mouth. This way he can moan, but it won't be that bothersome.
Nomi And Artemis Canes His Ass To BitsClan in full riding outfits, Mistress Nomi and Mistress Artemis is here to make their slave feel exactly like a piece of trash. They only care about their satisfaction, when the cane strikes his ass and the sound echoes in the room. His cries and moans are like music to their ears.
They Give Him A Hundred StrokesMistress Amanda and Mistress Suzy give the slave quite a few hard strokes that makes his ass all red, sore and swollen. They take turns and hit him until he can't feel his body anymore from the extreme amount of pain.
Tatjana Destroys His AssThe slave feels the stinging of the cane on his ass and hears Mistress Tatjana yelling at him to count properly, because else! He tries to open his mouth but his breath is caught up in his lungs as an other stroke reaches his ass, so he fails again.
Mistress Tatjana's Painful CaningWatch a tough guy getting shattered! Trapped in inescapable pain at the hands of a sadistic woman who will not stop. Mistress Tatjana sentences her slave to several strokes of her cane. Within twenty strokes you can already hear the anguish in the man's gasps. She's ragging it up. Mashing the boy.
Deserved Caning From Mistress SophieMistress Sophie trying to teach her slave many things, she has been training him for a while now, but every now and then, he does things that makes Sophie go crazy. She had to tie him down again and grab a cane to give him a lesson.
Slave Angers His MistressMistress Svetlana makes her slave lay on the caning bench naked, she doesn't tie him down, so he screams, shouts, curses and jumps up multiple times, but the only thing he achieves with it is a more and more annoyed Mistress Svetlana, who strokes his ass harder and harder.
Tatjana And Nomi's Caning SessionThe slave cries out and he lifts his upper body off the caning bench as the cane reaches his ass. Mistress Tatjana instantly makes him regret his move, while Mistress Nomi is waiting for her turn.

Classic F/M Spanking

Sometimes there's no way around, time for the girls to exact revenge on the men! At Dreams of Spanking you will find a large amount of painful F/M spanking, paddling and caning punishment videos! All you evil men out there, you better never forget, what goes around, comes around :-)

Slave for a DayNimue decides to make use of the spanking implements she's scavenged from around the house, even though he hasn't disobeyed her, he starts to object. But according to the rules of their bet, there's nothing he can do about it.
The Evil BabysitterSebastian looks great in this, giving a wonderful performance as the sulky, recalcitrant teen, and his facial expressions while being spanked are just amazing. I love the look on his face at some of the outrageous things she says.
I Want BruisesDavid has been curious about the cane for a long time - but a little frightened of it, too; after all, it's an implement with a reputation for being extremely difficult to take. By the end he's glowing bright red and feeling amazing - and he's got some wonderful welts and bruises to enjoy, too.
The Undergardener's BirchingAfter being spotted sneaking back into the estate after a night out drinking, undergardener Sebastian is taken to task by the strict Housekeeper. She bares his bottom for 30 stinging strokes of the birch.
Mike's SecretPandora begins with Mike's own leather paddle – hard, stinging strokes that turn Mike's bottom dark pink, then a vicious thrashing with the heavy leather strap as Mike gasps and tries not to twist away from the relentless thrashing. Finally, the cane.
Nursing a GrudgeCheeky Vincent thinks nothing of giving the nurse a friendly pat on the bottom after his medical appointment - but Nurse Malone won't have it. She pulls Vincent over her lap and gives him a few smacks in return, but even the embarrassment of an over the knee spanking doesn't get through to him.
Introducing Jimmy HollowayMeet Jimmy as he reveals his butch and femme sides in a striptease both innocent and provocative by turns. Once he's fully nude, Pandora takes him over her lap for his first ever spanking on camera.
Marital DisciplineWhen I sat down with Mike before our shoot to discuss scene ideas and asked him if he had any particular fantasies he'd like to explore, he confessed that he didn't often fantasize about spanking: age play was much more his thing.
The Baroness' New HouseboyThe Baroness' girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.
PlagiarismMike's procrastination problem has landed him in big trouble. He took his punishment beautifully, and Dana delivered both the spanking and the scolding with blazing authority. The hottest thing about this scene for me was the eye contact; holding Mike's gaze as he struggled under the strap.
Maintaining DisciplineIt might be a novelty to new teacher Ms Blake, but for Headmaster Mike Pain, institutional corporal punishment is part of running a school. After hearing reports that Pandora Blake's art classes are a little out of control, he invites her to his office for some friendly guidance on discipline.
The Spanked HouseboyAndrew has been working all morning, cleaning Pandora's house, sweeping and mopping the floors. He ducks outside the back door for a well-earned smoke break. Unfortunately, his mistress catches him and drags him back indoors for a sound over the knee spanking.
Help QuittingIt was Sebastian who came up with the idea of an impromptu punishment after coming home smelling like smoke, despite saying he had quit. Pandora didn't go easy on him - this spanking was hard. And he took it like an absolute hero, even though afterwards he confessed he'd been close to the limit.
Spanked By StepmotherShould a stepmother be allowed to deal out corporal punishment - even if she's only a year older than her stepson? Molly certainly thinks so, as she insists on giving Alexander a smacked bottom for his unseemly behavior.
The GalleristasGuerilla activists are on a mission to bring equality to the art world. The girls pounce on unsuspecting male gallery owners and beat them until they promise to represent more female artists. Viva la revolution!
The Clone's TrainingPandora Blake orders the clone to strip, and - noting that the Prince recently sustained a bruise on his hip – she punches him in just the right place to make sure his marks match. Then it's time for the final step to prepare him for this mission: corporal punishment.
Sent to the HeadmistressPandora Blake plays the strict headmistress in this modern day corporal punishment scene. David Weston is the naughty schoolboy waiting outside her office to find out what his fate will be. David has never been slippered before - will the experience change his ways?
Prove Your LoveTwo college sweethearts, Michael Darling and Pandora Blake, both players in their time, want to prove their commitment. Copying the fraternities they each bend over for the wooden paddle: 'If you take this, you must really love me!'
Yielding To Her DominanceWhen Carlos got home from the pub he was unrepentant: bratty, recalcitrant and stubbornly refusing to accept that he was in the wrong. His strict disciplinarian girlfriend punished him, of course - all he needed to do was send a text to say he'd be home late and he hadn't bothered with even that!
The Loose HemAre those stocking or tights you're wearing under your trousers?' Vincent holds the hem of the skirt against him as Molly undoes his belted waist band and his trousers drop to his ankles. Molly gasps with delight as she sees that his legs are indeed clad in sheer black stockings...
Slight Damage To The Rear EndWhen the distinguished Sir John crashes his car into Molly Malone's, she doesn't let him off just because he's Chair of the Board of Governors. John is given a choice – Molly can call the police, or he can submit to a good hard spanking.
The Whipping BoyThe spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers' plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy's face.
Spank My HoleThis film is a truly immersive treat for lovers of corporal punishment and dirty talk: Tai presents herself beautifully, bottom raised high as she whimpers and wriggles beneath the wide selection of toys Pandora's laid out for the two of them to explore.
Her Ladyship's BreakfastLady Adele likes the look of her handsome new butler. She has him wait on her at breakfast, and sets him up for a fall. He doesn't respond to her, at first. Perhaps the footmen have warned him about the eccentricities of their mistress.
Defying Her DominanceHis lack of repentance earns him a paddling and some corner time, but that's not all. Pandora makes it clear that this isn't the only sore red bottom he'll get for this transgression - after all, she can't declare the punishment over until he's accepted the error of his ways!
The Russian Treatment - Part 2She starts the last session by administering a firm hand spanking on his bare buttocks, which are marked red from the previous treatments, including a caning from Nurse Molly earlier in the week. She moves on to working with the leather strap, beginning with fifteen strokes with its softer side.

Men Spanked at Shadow Lane

Beyond their famous 'Spanked Females' movies, Shadow Lane is also the producer of some amazing F/M Femdom Spanking Videos. They are all included in your Shadow Lane Membership, no extra fees! Watch famous Mistresses like Eve Howard and Snow Mercy at the works.

Spencer Paddling over tableAleana bends Bart over a table and lays into him with a wooden spencer paddle and a leather paddle, making him whine, whimper and howl.
Spanking Bench DisciplineAleana has more than beauty, she possesses poise, grace, the gift of eloquence and lingerie from Agent Provocateur. She expresses her natural dominance verbally, physically and psychologically. And she's sexy as hell through it all.
Spanked HouseboyTraditional over the knee spanking and vigorous corporal punishment with paddle and belt highlight Eves first video ever wherein she spanks a boy for Shadow Lane and her co-star could not be better suited to his role as submissive but slightly mischievous houseboy.
Snow Mercy Spanks Tom BryonTom confesses to spanking her while she was sleep walking because she was about to buy crazy things online while virtually. Snow is shocked and outraged to hear of the unconscionable advantage Tom has taken of her somnolent state.
Snow Mercy Canes FluffyNow fully nude, Houseboy Mike is given a 24 stroke caning across his firm, round, boy bottom for objectifying his mistress.
Erin Faye Paddles and Canes FluffyIn the second scene, Mike Fluffy's buttocks are strapped, paddled, and triple-rod caned, until suffused a deep, dark red. Erin Faye delivers the kind of corporal punishment session that will make all domestic discipline fans sit up and take notice.
Snow Mercy Spanks FluffySnow Mercy's new houseboy learns etiquette, via a very long and very sound, bare bottom hand spanking, over that glamorous lady's knee.
Eve and Stevie Spank Kidd DynamiteBilly is spanked over the lap of each woman in turn. Billy feels every swat keenly and yells his head off in distress from first to last. Traditional over the knee spanking.
Eve Howard Paddles Mike FluffyEve finishes Mike's lesson with a sound wooden paddling over a trestle bench. Cute, submissive Mike has no choice but to bend over and take his punishment from Eve Howard.
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